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Moominvalley: Series 1 & 2
26 x 22 mins


Directed by Academy Award® winner Steve Box for Sky, the series of 26 x 22 mins adapted stories from TOVE Jansson, have been acquired by over 25 countries and Won ‘Best Animated Kids Programme’ in Cannes 2019, the Golden Venla (Finland) and Won Best Series at the British Animation Awards.


Dian Fossey:
Secrets in the Mist

Executive Produced by Academy Award winner James Marsh and narrated by Sigourney Weaver, 'Dian Fossey: Secrets in the Mist' is the story of Dian Fossey, the scientist, who was found brutally killed in 1985. as she fought to protect the vanishing African mountain gorillas.


The Bill: S26 Ep 05
Time Bomb (20 x 1hr)

Nominated for Best Serial Drama in the Broadcast Awards and working alongside award winning drama Director, Karl Neilson, 'Time Bomb' was one of the first post 9pm episodes in which Sgt Stone attends to a high profile company that has had a letter bomb delivered to them.  


Making of Hex:   

Behind the scenes documentary, in which Paula interviewed the cast and crew of SKY ONE's supernatural drama, HEX. Starring Michael Fassbender, Jemima Rooper and Christina Cole, HEX explores the supernatural relationship between a Fallen Angel named Azazeal and a student witch.


Minder:   The Archie Daley Years.

Series 1 Eps 3 & 5

Archie Daley's a bit of a rogue, always up for some dodgy dealings in the hope of making a nice little earner, but sometimes it can cause him to lose his moral compass, which is where Jamie usually steps in to put him right. Starring Shane Richie and Lex Shrapnel.


Demons:  Series 1 Ep 5            
45 mins

Luke Rutherford is your average teenager - until his dead father's best friend, Rupert Galvin turns up to reveal his secret destiny: he's the great-grandson of Abraham Van Helsing, the infamous vampire hunter. Luke is set to inherit the family mantle as a warrior against the supernatural entities that lie deep beneath the streets of modern-day London.
ITV 1's supernatural drama stars Philip Glenister, Christian Cooke & Mackenzie Crook.


Sugar Rush:  S2 Eps 6, 9 & 10
3 x 30 mins

15-year-old Kim has just moved to Brighton and developed an earth-shattering, hormone-surging crush on her new best friend, Sugar. C4 drama starring Olivia Hallinan, Lenora Crichlow and Sarah Jane Potts.


World Fashion Premiere - ABC
2 hrs

The prime-time, two-hour ABC spectacular made fashion history when it was reportedly watched by an estimated billion television spectators. Marking a rite of passage for French fashion the show was helmed by award winning Director Bruce Gowers and presented by Anne Archer and Isabella Rosellinni.


Bookaboo:  Series 1                        
12 x 11 mins

When rock puppy Bookaboo slams his drum sticks down grumbling 'a story a day or I just can't play!', its up to celebrity fans in his audience to save the concert. Each episode a famous face goes back stage to see if they can lure Bookaboo back to his drums by sharing a picture book with him on his tourbus. Animated illustration and live action puppetry on CITV.


The Bill: S26 Ep 02
Held Responsible (20 x 1 hr)

Working again with Director Karl Neilson, on the post 9pm format, 'Held Responsible' sees the Sun Hill team investigate a gang rape where a young girl has been violently attacked by four boys.


The Apprentice:
S2 Ep 6 & The Final

Sir Alan Sugar tests the nerves and brains of the hungriest hopefuls in the business world as they compete to win a six-figure salary job as his apprentice. The one hour Final Episode, in which Michelle Dewberry was announced as the successful candidate, was drawn from over 100 hours of material, with four crews shooting simultaneously time-of-day.


Secret Life of...Growing Up
1 hr

Oxford Scientific Films' story is presented with stunning cinematography that makes the ordinary seem extraordinary as it documents how Scientists are only now discovering the many extraordinary things that happen to us as our bodies grow, and our minds mature, in all our amazing detail.


The Great British Property Scandal - C4 - 1hr

Nearly two million British families don’t have adequate housing, and yet one million homes lie empty across the country. Fired up by this senseless waste, architect and Ambassador for Shelter, George Clarke, sets out to raise awareness of the issue and calls on the British public to support his campaign to fill up Britain’s empty homes.


Monica Galletti: A Cook Abroad BBC - 1hr

MasterChef judge Monica Galetti steps outside her comfort zone as she swaps her chef's whites for wellies and embarks on a road trip through one of the most beautiful yet least known regions in France, where, for the first time in her cooking career, she spends time with producers. She sees for herself how their passion translates into world-class ingredients.


Rachel Khoo: A Cook Abroad BBC - 1hr

Cook and food writer Rachel Khoo heads to Malaysia, home of her extended family, to explore one of the world's most exciting cuisines. From the tropical shores of a remote fishing village to a foraged feast deep in the jungle, Rachel travels across this multicultural country to find out whether good food can unite a nation.


Meet The Humans:
School Reunion

Human volunteers are placed into a plush country house that's rigged with surveillance cameras, while Michael Mosley and two behavioural psychologists anakyse their behaviours from a secret observational room.


One Born Every Minute:
Series 5: Ep 08
C4 - 1hr

On her birthday, Bristol midwife and single mother-of-two Lara contemplates life and love while delivering twins. Meanwhile, a nervous father who's clueless about the labour process prays for a quick delivery.


Benefits Britain 1949 
Series 1: Ep 03
C4 - 1hr

In this bold piece of living history, current benefits claimants volunteer to live for a week by the rules of 1949 to explore how our safety net should work.


Beauty Queen or Bust:
C4 - 2 x 1hrs : Eps 2 & 3

The glitz and glamour of the international Miss World competition has to start somewhere. This three-part series follows some of the young entrants hoping to make it through the regional beauty pageants in Blackpool, Hull, and Wolverhampton.


Ross Kemp:
Britain's Volunteer Army 
Ep 01 - BBC - 45mins

Ross Kemp: Britain’s Volunteer Army is a heartwarming series shot in the early weeks of the COVID -19 crisis to celebrate the heroic efforts of some of the country’s 750,000 volunteers.


Child Of Our Time
Ep 01 - BBC - 45mins

Child of Our Time is a flagship documentary commissioned by the BBC and co-produced with the Open University. Robert Winston follows the lives of 25 children born at the beginning of the 21st century, and charts the first 20 years of their lives, as they grow from infancy, through childhood and on to young adults.